Three Weeks of Inspiration
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Discover the keys to tapping your unstoppable power and creating the life of your dreams. Join us for this heartwarming, powerfully motivating and inspirational series of talks.

You can expect to hear the experts’ life stories, the challenges and obstacles they overcame, and their ongoing devotion to aligning with their “true north” that keeps them moving forward today.

You can expect a shift in your thinking and believing as you allow these experts’ transformational journeys to awaken you to your infinite potential to create in this world and life a more radiant life.

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Meet Our Amazing Speakers:

Week One Speakers:

Tama Kieves

  • Learn the secrets to creating the work you love
  • Become wildly successful in your Life’s work
  • Stay Inspired without giving into fear, doubt 
  • Ignite your vision with creative possibilities from a Master Coach
  • Burn through obstacles with Unstoppable Power
  • See how desperation can be the doorway to transformation
  • Create an authentic life aligned with your dreams, passion and purpose 
  • Receive priceless guidance from an expert to live your dream life

SarahJoy Marsh

  • Discover how the path to true alignment with one’s soul purpose can emerge
  • Witness the power of surrendering to one’s heart and radical trust to birth a pioneering mission
  • Hear Sarajoy describe how her early struggles evolve into an expansive light filled, awe inspiring mission transforming many
  • Allow your heart to be touched by Sarajoy’s clear alignment and cooperation with her core values and intuitive wisdom
  • Hear your own “heart whisper” guiding you as you let yourself be reached by Sarajoy’s story and life path
  • Become aware of the importance of forging your unique path for you and for the world

Barbara Winter

  • Transform dissatisfactions to creative initiatives
  • Learn the secrets of how to be “Joyfully Jobless”
  • Break out of the belief that “you could never make a living doing that”
  • Discover the prosperity awaiting you as a self employed entrepreneur
  • Tap your creativity to blaze your unique trail
  • Learn how your best ideas are in plain sight
  • Awaken to a newfound freedom to dare to live your dream life

Barbara Wainwright

  • You will take away inspiration to trust your dreams
  • Learn how coaching or being coached can accelerate your path to prosperity
  • Learn about coaching as a possible trail to blaze
  • Discover the keys to successfully build a global business
  • How to transition from an old form to a new form
  • Experience how dissatisfaction, even in a financially rewarding job, is a sign of a soul’s destiny
  • Watch how ONE person’s faithfulness to their path contributes to prosperity to those around her
  • Discover that what comes naturally and easily is a signpost to your life direction

Derek Rydall

  • Free yourself from the trap of “working at self improvement”
  • Discover how the law of emergence can attract true abundance into your life
  • How to create lasting inner happiness
  • Learn how happiness, peace, wealth and success are all within you
  • Activate the divine seed waiting to emerge within you
  • Discover the steps for radical life change
  • Experience a master at helping others manifest their vision
  • Witness the power of how our struggles can reveal our destiny
  • Receive guidance and support for your own emergence process

Dr. Judith Swack

  • Hear the story of how a brilliant scientist said YES to her Heart Power
  • Activate your own ability to open to the plan for your life as you learn from Judith’s journey.
  • Receive inspiration from a trailblazing pioneer
  • Discover the keys to abundance as you hear Judith’s journey from resistance to her path to surrendering to her destiny
  • Let your heart be filled by her transparency, authenticity and humor as you laugh with us through her inspiring life journey
  • Discover quick effective tools to heal your body and break free of destructive patterns
  • Hear and imagine what fulfillment awaits your heart as you experience Judith’s heart ablaze with love, meaning and purpose

Sherry Brescia

  • See how the “blessing” of an illness can reveal a life direction
  • Learn how problems can be an opportunity
  • Discover the power of your intuition to guide you on your path to purpose
  • Learn the keys to radiant health and the connection to prosperous living
  • Discover the magic of inspiration, intuition and the power of a mentor to help you prosper


Register Today and Receive Access to Free Transformational Offers From Many of Our Experts

Week Two Speakers:

Dina Proctor

  • Discover how a courageous, creative spirit found her way from pain and suffering to the founder of a powerful method of transformation
  • Hear Dina’s amazing story of synchronistic people, places and events, that led to her becoming a best selling author and life coach
  • Receive from her courageous loving spirit the strength to step out of YOUR comfort zone as she did
  • Watch what can happen when we say yes to our challenges and yes  to our path
  • Hear how one powerful shift in her life revealed her life direction, as it can for you
  • Learn how obstacles can be fertile ground for creativity and innovation, as you hear Dina’s inspiring story

Mayuri Gonzalez

  • Hear the wonder of childhood passion evolve into a powerful purpose
  • See how clear focused intention is a pre requisite for blazing your unique trail
  • Discover how personal aspirations can evolve into a community service mission
  • Experience first hand how EVERYTHING is there at the very beginning of our lives
  • Discover that “innate knowing” that can propel you forward into your destiny
  • Witness the importance of “letting go” of old forms to step more fully into your destiny and prosperity

Sandy Alemian

  • Learn how a POWERFUL message often emerges from tragedy
  • Discover the attitudes critical to channel your mission for the world
  • Watch an expert “aligned with the divine” teach you how to do the same
  • You will learn to trust and connect to your inner guidance system
  • Develop a trust in the higher vibrations of LOVE around you to guide you on your path
  • Tap into your own intuition as you watch a master intuitive in action
  • Hear and watch how energy opens up to abundance when we align with the divine

Melody Moore PHD

  • Discover how the power of intuition, creative genius and a generous heart leads to worldwide change
  • Learn how to tap the LOVE in your heart for the world as a catalyst to blaze your trail
  • You will trust yourself more to step out of old forms and rigid constructs that hold you back from manifesting
  • Witness the POWER of community to heal transform and activate each others” sense of purpose
  • Witness the beauty of “UBUNTU” in action and how you can do the same

Rochelle Schieck

  • Believe that like Rochelle, you can prosper from your passion. Allow your heart to be empowered as you witness her devotion to trailblazing HER path
  • Be inspired as you hear the story of  a child who was passionate about dance.  Rochelle shares how she created a cutting edge approach to movement and body love that has transformed and touched people all around the world, much to her own amazement
  • Discover how her dissatisfactions with mainstream approaches to movement spurred her creativity to blaze her unique trail
  • Allow yourself to witness the awe inspiring way that Rochelle has moved with inspiration, and experience the worldwide adventure, global mission and purpose that evolved from her YES to her heart
  • Hear how her method QOYA LOVE is allowing her to prosper in ways that are awe inspiring and could never have been planned in a linear form
  • Learn how a master of movement can empower YOU to remember who you are and attune to your intuition, by a simple practical method that she shares on the interview

Todd Norian

  • You will take away a renewed devotion to your spiritual development
  • You will understand the three practices that help you come into your heart power
  • Discover how betrayal can be a powerful catalyst for emergence, transformation and purpose
  • Learn the difference between the actions we love and the ones that are essential to your mission
  • Watch what devotion to what we love opens up the path for transformation of self and others

Nancy Ellen Abrams

  • Understand that your challenges reveal your destiny
  • Learn about “A God that Could be Real” and why that is important as you blaze your trail
  • Witness the synchronicity that occurs when Science and the Heart meet
  • Discover how our childhood experiences prepare us for leaps of “creative genius”
  • Open up to your cosmic self and recognize your significance to our evolving world
  • Hear how a heart can prosper when a message is put out into the world


Register Today and Receive Access to Free Transformational Offers From Many of Our Experts

Week Three Speakers:

Kristin Meekoff

  • Witness the power of a grieving heart to be a light to others
  • Hear Kristin’s inspiring story of unstoppable heart power
  • Experience first hand how a path, a book, a mission of service can emerge in unpredictable and unplanned ways
  • See how direction continues to “show up” on the path to heart prosperity by hearing Kristin’s story of her life
  • Discover how tragedy and loss in can reveal the plan for our lives
  • Watch the evolution of a heart powered initiative to spread in surprising and awe inspiring ways

Dr. John Mayfield

  • Hear from a trailblazer of the heart how a mission unfolds
  • Witness how a tragic accident led Dr Mayfield down his path to purpose
  • See how a master of the heart center and an expert on the body is prospering  from HIS passion just like you can
  • Let Dr. Mayfield inspire your devotion to your path, as you hear of his long labor of love that preceded the publishing of his paradigm shifting book on body intelligence and living in the heart center
  • Awaken to your own heart as you hear Dr. Mayfield describe the infinite awe he has for the human body and heart 
  • Experience how transformation can occur through heart centered practices
  • Let yourself be guided on your own journey by Dr, Mayfield’s wealth of knowledge, awe, wisdom, love and heart of gratitude
  • Listen and come into YOUR heart power and you will prosper like he does

Valerie Sheppard

  • Learn the skills to living a vibrant life aligned with your heart
  • Understand the importance of shifting from your head to your heart for true prosperity and abundance
  • Witness a leader and a visionary create powerful transformational methods from her unique talents, experiences and gifts
  • Let our heart be touched by Valerie’s courageous story of life changing health issues leading her to deeper spiritual transformation and powerful wisdom
  • Let her passion for leading others on their path to fulfillment ignite your own heart’s desire and possibility to have a passionate prosperous life
  • Receive enlightening guidance from a master instructor and inspirational leader on the important practices to life a more radiant. purposeful life
  • Become aware of the ways your creative spark can be ignited and blossom into a burning flame that contributes to our evolving world as Valerie’s does

Brittany Nickerson

  • Listen to how a childhood passion evolved into a lifework and mission
  • Hear how the support of others assisted her in stepping into her unique path
  • Experience how the “flow” of our direction in life can happen organically and naturally
  • Witness how Brittany’s expression of her natural interests and talents expanded from just family and friends to reach a global community
  • Be inspired by the way Brittany attunes to her inner sense of direction and watch how she makes decisions that truly make her a pioneer, true to her values, her vision, her love for the earth and her devotion to living in balance, even as her business is expanding
  • Allow yourself to be empowered to follow your own unique trail as you witness the meaning, purpose, creativity and abundance that is flowing into Brittany’s life as a result of saying yes to her heart
  • Hear her describe how she overcame fear and obstacles that opened up a new wave of abundance into her life as she stepped into her passion more radically
  • As you listen, receive from  her deep oneness with herself, with the earth and with her attuned heart.  Allow yourself to let her example be a motivator for YOU on your path to purpose and prosperity

Esther Gokhale

  • Discover the mystery of early life experiences as a path to purpose
  • Awaken the divine seed of your own soul as you hear Esther’s story
  • Learn the important attitudes and ways of being that are essential
  • Witness the power of one person to create abundance for all who follow in her footsteps
  • Develop a way of seeing and listening to your self that can reveal your destiny
  • Learn how that “still small voice” that KNOWS can lead to a powerfully new initiative

Gray Graham

  • Be inspired as you hear how a mid life shift from worldly success leads to a life of purpose
  • Discover the importance of a mentor to propel you forward
  • Experience the power of LOVE to inspire your life direction
  • Watch what happens in others’ lives when a founder blazes a trail
  • Develop an appreciation for how nutritional health is the foundation to true prosperity and abundance

Emma Bragdon

  • Discover the mystery of how our passion can lead to unbelievable prosperity when we are aligned with the purest intention our hearts can hold. Emma shares her miraculous story of abundance flowing in for her non profit organization as a powerful example of this possibility.
  • Hear how Emma’s powerful spiritual awakening combined with her early life experience sowed the seed for a paradigm shifting mission for the world. Allow the power of your own significant experiences to do the same for you.
  • Watch the mystery of synchronicity as Emma shares the life changing moment she met a powerful mentor that led her down a new path that was essential to birthing her unique initiative.
  • Learn how other cultural experiences can at times be a catalyst for awakening the new in your own life direction and soul purpose
  • Discover the power of intuition and the importance of making decisions in alignment with your inner wisdom
  • Watch how trailblazing your own path can bring such powerful transformation to the lives of many as Emma does
  • Allow your heart to be reached and stirred by Emma’s vision, mission and purpose and let it stir the same in you


Register Today and Receive Access to Free Transformational Offers From Many of Our Experts